E X E C U T I V E   B O A R D



CAS '18 Biological Basis of Behavior (Pre-Med)

Toni has an autistic younger brother who inspired her to become an active member in the autism community. Growing up in the Philly suburbs, she helped facilitate a SibShop, a workshop for siblings of special needs children, at The Melmark School where her brother attends. Toni works for the Department of Neurology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in multiple sclerosis research. She is committed to dedicating her life to serve children with neurologic and developmental disorders. Toni also serves as an EMT on Penn's Medical Emergency Response Team, where she also serves as Internal Technology Officer. 



CAS '19 Biological Basis of Behavior 

Ananya, a sophmore in the College, is from Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. She is very interested in helping children with autism, particularly due to her internship at a pediatric psychopharmacology center in Boston and her current class at Penn, “Autism Epidemic”. She is very excited to work with PSFA and spend more time with the kids. In the future, she hopes to pursue her interests in neuroscience and psychiatry, while focusing on screening tools used for children with autism. In addition to PSFA, Ananya is part of Kite and Key Society, a photographer at the Daily Pennsylvanian, and a member of the club tennis team.

Community Outreach Co-Chair


CAS '18 Biology and Health and Societies Major (Health Care Markets and Finance Concentration)

Mnali is a junior from Philadelphia, PA who became interested in helping children with autism after spending time in CHOP supporting her little cousin who was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder. She joined the Community Outreach Committee sophomore year and enjoyed planning the children's and young adult workshops and volunteering at the off-campus events. In addition to Penn Speaks for Autism, Mnali is involved as a research assistant at the CHOP Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine, a big sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and a member of the fundraising committee for Penn Global Medical and Dental Brigades. Outside of academics, she enjoys being active, cooking, and traveling. Mnali hopes to continue helping and interacting with the younger population in her future career. 

Community Outreach Co-Chair


NU '19 Nursing Major

Rose, the middle child of seven, has always loved working with children and serving others. She has been volunteering with individuals with disabilities since her freshman year of high school. The personal connections Rose formed with the autistic students at her high school influenced her to pursue nursing. She is eager to continue forming bonds with those on the spectrum throughout college. In addition to PSFA, Rose is a member of Student Nurses at Penn, sings in the University Choral Society, and works at The Center for Autism Research.

Community Outreach Co-Chair


CAS '20

Newsletter Editor


CAS '18 Biological Basis of Behavior Major, Chemistry and Classical Studies Minors

Alexis is a junior from Los Angeles, CA and joined Penn Speaks for Autism in the fall of her freshman year when she joined the newsletter writing committee. She is very excited to join the board as secretary this year! She began volunteering with individuals on the autism spectrum through the PSFA young adult meet-ups. Her membership in the club inspired her to continue building relationships with the autism community both at and away from Penn. In addition to PSFA, Alexis works as a research assistant at the Wistar Institute, serves as volunteer services director for Penn American Red Cross, and writes the newsletter for Penn Faith & Action. 



NU '18 Nursing Major (Global Health Minor)

Katelyn is a sophomore from Rochester, NY and has always had a passion for working with children and adults with disabilities. She was so excited to join Penn Speaks for Autism last fall and to serve on the community outreach committee. She loved going to the meet-ups and meeting local individuals from the community with autism. She is now excited to begin her role as treasurer for PSFA for the upcoming year. Outside of PSFA, she is involved with SPEC Concerts, Relay for Life, and is a member if Sigma Kappa Sorority.

Marketing Chair


CAS '19 Cognitive Science Major, Computer Science and Consumer Psychology Minor

James is a freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences who is considering studying Cognitive Science and Computer Science. He began volunteering with children and young adults on the spectrum as an eighth grader and has been spending his summers near his hometown of Cleveland, OH volunteering at the New Avenues to Independence Summer Camp ever since. Working as a teacher’s aide in a classroom with older children and teenagers, James had an extremely rewarding experience and was inspired to join PSFA when he came to Penn. He is excited to begin working with kids again through the After School Program. Outside of the autism community, James is a member of the Integrated Studies Program, Animation Club, and enjoys playing intramural volleyball and basketball.

Awareness Chair


CAS '18 Communications Major, Consumer Psychology Minor

Maddy Overmoyer has been a member of Penn Speaks for Autism for the past 3 years. Growing up with friends whose siblings were on the spectrum, she grew to love working with kids with special needs.  Formerly Co-Chair of the After School Program, she is excited to transition to the role of Awareness Chair. In addition to her involvement in Penn Speaks for Autism, she is the Advertising Manager of the Daily Pennsylvanian and Toni's best friend.

Fundraising Chair


CAS '18 Biological Basis of Behavior Major, Pre-med

Hannah is from Roslyn, NY and very much enjoys working with individuals on the autism spectrum.  Freshman year and the first half of sophomore year, she worked with the Community Outreach Committee of Penn Speaks for Autism at the workshops for children and young adult meet-ups.  She especially enjoyed going to the 76ers game with the young adults!  This spring, she is thrilled to be part of the executive board as the Fundraising Chair for Penn Speaks for Autism for the second semester.  In addition, she is a research volunteer at the LCNS Lab, where she is conducting a study regarding the parts of the brain that are active when we name images.  Furthermore, Hannah is a on the board of Penn Colleges Against Cancer and a member of Sigma Kappa.  In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and playing the piano.

Awareness Chair


CAS '17 

Zach began volunteering with children on the spectrum in high school by participating in instructive tennis programs, and is now the Chair of the YouToo tennis program. He is a sophomore cognitive science major who wants to pursue neuroscience research after graduating. He is currently a photo editor for the Daily Pennsylvanian, a College House Research Fellow, and a member of Penn Barbell Club.